Earn Money with Ad for Premium Member

So you own a website, blog, regularly sending newsletter to members, have an active online discussion forum or engaging a lot of social activities on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ?
All the activities you have been doing easily you can attach a dynamic Twitter signature badge (and it will show always the latest timeline activity from you) and the best part will be you can even start to monetize them by attaching Twitter signature to them by simply embedding an HTML code.
Wordpress and Joomla plugin are available free to download here

How it works:


A friend or visitor or member visits a website, blog, thread in online forum, social network's feed or even reading a newsletter (email) with dynamic Twitter signature badge embeded.
A website, blog, online forum thread, email or social network 's feed with Twitter Signature embeded


He or she clicks on embeded Twitter signature as shown on screenshot above and interstitial page will show as seen below. 
The display ad is from your AdSense or Chitika account which can be set from Member Area's setting.
Currently we are still exploring on another type of ad which allows Advertiser to buy ad direcly from you (such service same as Buysellads.com) apart from AdSense and Chitika.
An interstitial page after visitor, friend, member has clicked on your Twitter signature badge on website, forums, email, social network


He or she will have to wait for few seconds before final page (your Twitter profile) is displayed.
Maximise your website, blog, online forum, social network profile and newsletter distribution by using dynamic Twitter signature badge.

Give it a try now!


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